Smart Pen & Notebook Set with Companion App!
The innovative Sync Set allows you to easily digitize your notes/doodles from the notebook into the companion app with multiple languages support. There are various customizable features that allow you to choose from the color, thickness, and pen/pencil from the bottom of the paper while digitizing the notes so you are not limited by a single style. The pen has a special motor sensor that allows simultaneous transmission on the paper and app through editable digital files. The app has a useful OCR feature built in so your handwritten notes can be transcribed into the digital text as well. The set supports offline use as well, so if you don’t have access to the internet momentarily your notes will be transcribed later once you are back online. The pen utilizes Bluetooth 5.0 for the quickest transmission and supports various export formats like PDF, JPG, DOC, etc. The app also allows you to easily search through your notes for specific text by various phrases or tags making it simpler to utilize your notes effectively.

Box Set Includes 1 Sync Pen & 3 Notebooks.


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