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Electronic Zikr Ring with Tasbeeh Counter & Companion App
The E-Tasbeeh Ring is a convenient electronic and Bluetooth-enabled ring that can be used for you to practice Zikr anywhere and anytime. It allows you up to 10,000 counts per day and can be connected to the companion app which can remind you of your 5 daily prayers via the ring or app. The ring is made of premium zinc alloy with feels great on your hand and has an integrated CNC button that allows you to count easily. The ring vibrates when the count reaches 33 or 100 by default, but you can set custom counts via the app settings as well. The ring has a 15-day battery life with a 40mAh battery that can be recharged conveniently by placing the ring in the given charging pod and plugging it into a power source.

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20 MM, 22 MM


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Product Specifications
Product Dimensions (cm)2.5 x 2 x 3.5 cm


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