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Sustainable Wireless Charger, Clock & Bluetooth Speaker
The Eco Tech Station combines various essential technologies while still having a lower carbon footprint than the average gadget due to its wheat straw construction. The 15W Wireless Charger can be propped up with a built-in stand so you can conveniently charge your phone and use it simultaneously. It also features a digital clock with beautiful and clear white digits along with a Bluetooth speaker with booming sound.


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Product & Packing Specifications
Product Dimensions (cm)16.28 x 8.68 x 3.97 cm
Carton Dimensions (cm)58.6 x 43.8 x 22 cm
Gross weight per carton (kgs/carton)17.90 kgs / carton
Net weight per carton (kgs/carton)17.40 kgs / carton
Carton Volume (cbm)0.05647 m3
Quantity per Carton (pieces)40 pcs


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