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Five Reasons why Smartwatches are a Smart Gifting Choice


Genesis Gifts has been curating impactful corporate gifts for businesses across the UAE for over thirty years. We specialise in conceptualising, sourcing, customising and delivering high-impact gifts that delight recipients and reflect positively on the business. This year, one of our top recommendations for unique gifting ideas is the much-loved smartwatch. 

In a world that’s rapidly embracing technology in all aspects of life, the smartwatch and fitness band have quickly risen in popularity since they first emerged on our radars. They are the ideal choice for making a statement and establishing the significance of the business relationship involved. In this post, we’ll elaborate on why we believe these devices are a smart investment for any business. Read on to learn more. 


In a recent survey, 44% of those interviewed stated they experienced high stress levels in the workplace. These numbers suggest a significant number of employees could be at risk of suffering from major illnesses. One way to combat this alarming trend is to encourage a culture of fitness among the team. A smartwatch works wonders at monitoring health and promoting healthy habits. Its gamified approach to fitness—tracking activity, setting and achieving goals, providing prompts, and cataloguing health data—goes a long way in jumpstarting an individual’s fitness journey. As is well documented, a healthy and happy workforce is a productive workforce, making this a major win for the business as well.


The gifts you choose make a statement about the business and its vision. Opting for modern, tech-driven gifts, such as custom smartwatches, indicates the firm’s future-focused approach. This choice showcases the business’s understanding of evolving technology and a willingness to adopt it in their practices. These subtle actions enable the business to stand out as one willing to evolve with the times, a leader and a trendsetter. Furthermore, it is this image that will attract a young and dynamic talent pool; it will also draw in a young and dynamic clientele. 


Practical and high-value corporate gifts, such as custom smartwatches, are not only coveted, but they also trigger an immediate association of the gift with your business, as well as the plethora of positive feelings involved with the exchange. Further, corporate gifts serve as a token of a firm’s appreciation and gratitude towards its employees and partners. Prized gifts like smartwatches will only strengthen workplace connections and foster unwavering loyalty, paving the way for a highly motivated and goal-oriented content workforce. 


When you invest in gifts like our range of smartwatches, you invest in increased productivity for the business. Smartwatches are designed to ensure connectivity and elevate user productivity through features like activity tracking, goal-setting, instant notifications, easy scheduling, timely reminders, alarms, and alerts. This easy access to information on the go allows users to effectively manage their time and priorities, and to be fully focused especially during times of high pressure. This is why smartwatches top our list of recommended corporate gifts for the upcoming year, particularly as they can be presented individually or as a part of specially curated hampers that are designed to impress.


One of the major advantages of choosing smartwatches as a promotional gift option for your corporate gifting cycle is the ease with which they can be customised. The devices can showcase the company logo, incorporate brand colours and messaging, and more. These little touches not only add a personal dimension to the gift, but they create an infinite bond between the two parties, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation. Personalising smartwatches also significantly enhances brand recall for the user, which in turn helps the business build a positive brand image.

Reach out to our team of experts at Genesis Gifts to tailor and curate your upcoming corporate and promotional gifting options. Our three decades of industry experience will ensure your business enjoys a successful and memorable gifting season.

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