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Bottling up success for a water-tight corporate gifting policy

Water Bottles

Corporate life is known to be fast-paced, with long hours filled with endless cups of coffee and back-to-back meetings. Amidst the packed schedules, it’s often easy to forget about self-care and pick up unhealthy habits. When a business actively ensures the well-being of the workforce, it leaves a lasting, positive impression. This is probably why portable water bottles are so popular choice in corporate gifting circles. 

While this may seem like a conventional choice, reusable bottles continue to be some of our most popularly gifted items. Here are five reasons why we recommend including portable bottles in any corporate and promotional gifting strategy: 


Corporate gifting is most impactful when it addresses a specific need in the recipient’s life. This is exactly the purpose custom water bottles fulfil. These bottles serve as custodians of wellness, standing prominently on the desk as constant reminders to hydrate and embrace healthier choices. The more an individual prioritises hydration, the less likely they are to indulge in excessive caffeine or aerated drinks consumption. From a business perspective, individuals in better health are likely to be more productive, which results in endless benefits for the firm. 


Portable water bottles become part of a professional’s daily life. They accompany them around the workplace and beyond, constantly being refilled and offering refreshing sips of water to users. These bottles are also easily customisable, with an open body that can carry your branding. In short, these reusable bottles, and your brand by extension, become a part of the user’s daily routines. Their constant presence establishes easy brand recognition and loyalty, making these bottles an excellent choice for corporate branding.  


As the world moves towards greater sustainability, so should your corporate gifts. Our reusable bottles are a step in the right direction. It is a known fact that disposable beverage bottles are made of PET (polyterephthalate) plastic, which harms our environment. Portable and reusable bottles made from eco-friendly materials can help control this pollution. Instead of buying disposable bottles that clog up landmines and further damage the environment, opt for one of the many sustainable options from the Genesis Gifts range. Designed using durable and non-toxic raw materials, our multi-purpose range of bottles is the perfect companion to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


These portable bottles are reusable, which means they have a long shelf life. This is why it’s incredibly advantageous for businesses to customise them, and benefit from the subtle but effective marketing exposure they provide. Given the frequency with which a water bottle is used daily—be it on your work desk, during your commute, at the gym, on morning runs, and more,—it serves as a trusted amplifier of brand message across diverse market segments.


As times change, so do tastes and trends. This is true of in-demand utility products like portable water as well. At Genesis Gifts, we strive to keep our finger on the pulse and constantly upgrade our collection to reflect the current preferences. As the world embraces digital living and smart technologies, so do our bottles. With smart bottles that ensure Bluetooth connectivity and easily sync with fitness apps, we are truly living in the future. These smart bottles hold great appeal to dynamic professionals, thereby reflecting positively on your tech-forward brand too.

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