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We live in the age of 24/7 connectivity, and much like the rest of the world, business professionals too are perpetually online, whether on mobile devices, laptops, or even smartwatches. However, these devices tend to run out of charge at intervals and require to be plugged in. This can be problematic when the user is on the move or doesn’t have access to a power socket. This is when power banks save the day. 

These portable lifelines are compact enough to carry around, ensuring one is never disconnected. They also allow for multiple charges and can charge multiple devices simultaneously. That’s why, at Genesis Gifts, we highly recommend including our range of power banks in any corporate gifting strategy. 


Understanding the importance of the portable power bank, we’ve made sure to include a varied range of high-quality, sleek and customisable power banks for businesses to choose from; they cover several price points and styles. 


As established above, we live in a tech-driven society, where everyone is constantly connected. Therefore, the gift of convenient and constant connectivity is a highly valued one. Custom power banks offer a portable and immediate solution to the user, negating the anxiety of a drained battery or the struggle to find a suitable power source. This anticipation and addressing of a crucial need will ensure the brand is seen in a positive light, by both employees and clients. Additionally, a high-quality custom power bank has universal appeal. It is equally valued by interns and executives alike, making it the one item that can effectively impress a large and varied demographic.  


Many corporate gifts are easily disposable and end up in landfills within no time. It is, therefore essential that businesses choose gift items that are durable and fulfil a definite need for the user. Power banks are known to last for years; they are also frequently used, sometimes even multiple times a day. Therefore by customising these portable devices with your logo and more, not only do you add further meaning to the gift, but you also ensure your brand receives extended exposure across a large audience, thereby reinforcing your brand message and recall over and over again. 


Our power banks allow easy and varied customisation options that can significantly impress recipients. In addition to incorporating the company logo and providing custom colour choices, we can also craft a personalised message to make this corporate gift more memorable. By tailoring these power banks, brands can further reinforce their identity and make this gift more meaningful for the users. Moreover, we offer a range of styles and sizes to cater to individual preferences, enabling further personalisation. For instance, you can select items that align with the specific values of the recipients, such as our Magcharge Duo power bank for tech-savvy employees or the MultiSolar Charger for the eco-warriors. This approach will further strengthen the relationship as it demonstrates an understanding and respect for their preferences.


In these tech-driven times, it is a given that any tech-related promotional gift will be well received. These gifts address a real and specific user need; they also align your brand with a modern and tech-savvy corporate image. Gifts like custom power banks are high-utility items. Not only will they fill a crucial need for the recipients, but they will also be shared around within their circles, thereby amplifying your brand message and boosting your brand image. In a competitive marketplace, this gives your business a considerable advantage and also positions it as a future-forward firm. 


As the world embraces sustainability, corporations are also opting for greener options in their daily practices and even in corporate gifting. Eco-friendly gifts also tend to garner greater approval from recipients, whether they are employees or partners. Therefore we have endeavoured to include several eco-friendly options to our range of power banks. By opting for one of these choices, you will showcase the firm’s commitment toward sustainability and further highlight its leadership role in integrating sustainability as a regular aspect of modern business practice. 

With over thirty years of experience in the UAE corporate gifting market, our team is well-versed in its evolving trends and interests. This experience makes us an excellent gifting partner for your business. We’ll help you select the ideal devices and provide the best customisation available, ensuring great success for your brand.

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