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Enhanced Utility: Exploring the Lanyard Advantage


In the world of corporate gifting, businesses are constantly on the lookout for unique and functional promotional items that add value to both the recipients and the brand. One often overlooked option, which is a workplace essential, is the humble lanyard

While lanyards secure access cards that allow users entry into the corporate facility, they are also an excellent canvas for custom branding and effortlessly ensure greater market visibility for the brand. At Genesis Gifts, we highly recommend lanyards as corporate gifts, especially as additions to gift hampers and for promotional events. 


Promotional lanyards serve as a great medium for sharing details about your brand and the services you offer with a larger audience. When customised with the corporate logo, colours and taglines, these workplace accessories transform into a highly effective marketing tool. Employees, corporate leadership and partners wearing well-designed lanyards are mobile ambassadors for the business. Lanyards double up as excellent networking tools that enhance brand visibility at industry events and conferences, as well as during the individual’s daily interactions within and beyond the workspace.


One of the many advantages of gifting high-quality customised lanyards to the workforce is that it lends a polished, uniform and professional look to the business. This standardised approach also fosters strong bonds of unity and pride within the team, motivating them to work together towards a common goal—the success of the business. At Genesis Gifts, we particularly like to recommend incorporating custom lanyards into gift hampers curated for new employees.

Furthermore, a well-designed lanyard also reflects positively on your brand image. From the quality of material, the graphics and overall aesthetics, it subtly communicates the values of excellence that the business abides by. 


Given the constant economic upheavals, corporate gifting budgets often fluctuate as well. During such periods of uncertainty, lanyards prove to be an excellent cost-effective option. Promotional lanyards are budget-friendly without compromising on quality. They are easy to customise and manufacture. They are long-lasting, meaning they provide extended brand exposure. Moreover, they serve a dual purpose—worn for security and access, and functioning as a marketing tool, ensuring they remain in circulation over long periods.


Lanyards are high-utility items that are also incredibly versatile. In addition to specific customisations like logos, colours and branding, our designs are also multifunctional. In addition to securing the conventional access cards, they can also hold keys, mobile phones, and even USB drives, ensuring these lanyards are invaluable in day-to-day life; this functionality not only bolsters long-term use but also leaves a lasting impression on the users.


Custom lanyards play an essential role in an organisation’s security protocol. Lanyards are designed to hold key cards, ID badges and keys that ensure entry into secured facilities and allow the business to easily identify and log personnel. This is an essential feature in the modern workplace as well as during industry events, both for the security of the organisation as well as the employees.

If you’d like to invest in custom lanyards to boost your corporate gifting strategy, get in touch with our team of experts to customise these valuable and versatile solutions to enhance your brand visibility.

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