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A Mug Full of Gifting Options


Corporate gifts are an essential cog in the business world. They work as a token of appreciation and recognition, a vehicle for trust, and so much more. And if there were ever a mascot appointed for the corporate gifting world, we’d vote for the humble but incredibly popular custom mug

Mugs are by far the gift of choice in the corporate world and for a reason. They are versatile, cost-effective, used by literally everyone irrespective of where they stand on the corporate ladder and are a practical item that can be used in any setting—from cubicles and high-profile meetings to the home kitchen table. 

If this hasn’t sold you on the virtues of the dynamic mug, the following will:

A Sustainable Choice 

Businesses all over the world are moving towards improving their carbon footprint and this includes choosing more mindful gifting solutions. An effective first step is encouraging your staff and visitors to switch from single-use cups to eco-friendly ones by gifting them the evergreen, long-lasting mug. Easy to use and even easier to reuse, this is a simple switch indeed. Not only does this move showcase the company’s commitment to adopting sustainable practices, but it also encourages the workforce to opt for more earth-friendly solutions beyond the office.

A Hybrid Working Companion

In the post-pandemic world, as hybrid working becomes a regular feature, these custom mugs can serve as a bridge between the office cubicle and the home office. It’s a visual reminder of the commitment made by the individual to the company, and in its own small way, a connection to the team that’s separated by distance and screens. A great way to further motivate employees is to include messages that speak of your company’s values and goals or your trust in them on the personalised mugs. This is inspiration and appreciation all rolled up in one cool package. 

A Versatile Option 

Mugs are incredibly versatile and that’s what makes them such a popular corporate gifting idea. Yes, their primary role is that of a beverage holder, but mugs can be used in a multitude of ways. This is why people are always happy to receive them. 

A Cuppa Joy – First the obvious: a mug is a forever work companion, sticking with you through complex projects, brainstorming sessions, the early starts and the late nights, through promotions and so much more. Always with a quick boost of tea, coffee, or water to keep you hydrated and healthy throughout.  

A Cubicle Garden – The genius of custom mugs is that they are such a versatile item. Even if your company has distributed mugs previously, when a new round of gifting comes around, mugs can still be offered in a new avatar. Like a desktop planter. This is a wonderful way to bring a bit of nature into the cubicle. After all, adding a plant to the workstation is known to have a positive impact on productivity and overall employee health

An Organised Desk – Research has shown that a cluttered workstation can cause stress, and anxiety and affect productivity. Mugs can help put things straight. They can be used as a penholder, to stock treats, to hold notes, as paperweights, as planters, to hold those sprawling charging cables and headphones, and so on. In short, with one simple mug, you can straighten up your workspace and spark joy! 

An Expression of Creativity

Businesses can indulge their creative side by playing around with designs, messages and shapes to come up with truly unique mugs that the recipients will instantly love. Consider this—the employee of the month awards are around the corner, and you commission mugs with a delightful illustration of the winner. This truly unique and personalised gifting idea will further motivate your employee to work harder and give the business their best. 

A Portable Billboard

As your mug moves around, within and beyond the workspace, it carries your corporate message, much like a portable billboard would. It’s a simple way to magnify your corporate communications at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. You can further customise this message on the mug to create an even bigger impact by easily capitalising on trends and thereby making them more memorable. 

At this point of the piece, you’ve surely fallen in love with the idea of a mug as a gifting solution and are looking to procure them for your next gifting cycle. Well, you are in the right spot. Genesis Gifts is your ideal gifting platform in this endeavour. We offer a range of high-quality, easily customisable mugs to suit your needs. Simply share your requirements with us and we’ll take care of the rest!

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