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The Art of Corporate Gift Wrapping for Maximum Impact

Corporate Gift Wrapping

Corporate gifting is an essential aspect of modern business. It’s an avenue for companies to show their appreciation towards their employees and strengthen relationships with business partners and clients, and a way of showcasing the value that particular working relationship holds.

However, promotional gifts and corporate gifting go beyond the simple act of ‘gift giving’. There’s a substantial amount of strategy and creativity involved in the process. A well-crafted strategy fosters long-lasting loyal partnerships, showcases brand values, and builds up brand image. 

A big part of this process involves gift presentation and the narrative woven into it. The visual appeal and customised details of the gift wrapping establish the tone for the recipient, evoking the first hints of excitement and emotional connection. 


As we know, presentation enhances the perceived value of any gift. A well-designed package is a display of careful consideration and effort invested in the gifting process. Attention to detail, choice of materials, and add-on elements incorporated into the design, further enhance the sense of excitement even before the gift is unwrapped. This added layer of sophistication not only reflects positively on the brand, but is also seen as a reflection of the refinement, professionalism and success of the business itself. 

But how can this look be achieved? Let’s uncover the key aspects of corporate gift wrapping to elevate our gifting game. 


For a business, the corporate gifting process begins with gift selection. But from the recipient’s perspective, it begins with the gift’s presentation. This first look has the potential to create a lasting impression. The elegance of aesthetics, the choice of wrapping material utilised, and the creativity involved, all help set the tone for the recipient’s gift-receiving experience, which in turn influences their perception of the brand. This underscores the need to opt for quality materials; they need not be expensive, but they should be impressive. 


A personal touch always adds more value to any gift. This is true in the competitive world of corporate gifting as well. Simple, but meaningful details like a handwritten note, a custom message, the incorporation of brand colouring in the wrapping materials, and the addition of flourishes or decorative elements that hold special meaning, all convey a high degree of thoughtfulness. These personalised touches reflect the value that the business places on the recipient and help foster a lasting connection between the two parties. 


As the global community continues to experience a surge in extreme weather events, there has been a collective conscious shift towards adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. In the corporate world, this transformation is particularly visible in the corporate gifting realm, where not only the gifts but also the gift wrapping materials are increasingly embracing sustainability. This is achieved by small but significant changes like the use of zero-waste natural gift wrapping materials and the incorporation of reusable elements. These environmentally responsible actions showcase the business’s commitment to a greener tomorrow and position the company as a leader in this vital journey. 


By making smart and strategic creative gift-wrapping choices, the gift-giving process can double up as an effective branding exercise. For example, by customising the gift wrapping by subtly incorporating the company’s visual identity in the form of logos, brand colours, taglines and other distinctive design elements, you can create a cohesive brand narrative that aligns the act of gifting, the joy of receiving said gifts and your business effortlessly. 

Further, this branded wrapping can extend your marketing reach beyond the recipient, as the business’s visual identity captures the attention of a wider audience, effectively transforming the gift into a miniature billboard. 


Genesis Gifts is a leading corporate gifting solutions provider, operating in the UAE region with a successful 30-year track record. We specialise in aiding businesses with the gifting process, from procurement and production to expertly crafted, strategic gift-wrapping services guaranteed to impress your recipients right off the bat.

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