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Corporate Gifting Guide for 2024

Corporate Gifts Catalogue 2024

An approaching new year heralds exciting new opportunities and the determination to perfect past accomplishments. This is especially pertinent in the corporate gifting world, and thereby of vital importance to us at Genesis Gifts, your preferred partner of gifting solutions. 



Genesis Gifts takes pride in a rich history spanning over 30 years in the UAE region. Our success is rooted in a reputation for delivering a diverse range of innovative and result-oriented products, meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of each business. We are also known for our collaborative expertise in crafting customised gifts, offering competitive pricing, as well as our seamless processes, starting from order placement to timely deliveries.



To provide our partners with a further competitive gifting edge, our experienced team has conducted in-depth research on modern trends and preferences. The results are seen in our 2024 corporate gifting catalogue, poised to become the standard for gifting in the coming year. For deeper insights on these trends, read on.



In 2024, we will continue seeing a growing preference for tech-related items that enhance productivity and promote general wellness. With this in mind, we’ve curated a selection of gadgets catering to multiple budget preferences. Our collection includes several portable charging devices, Bluetooth speakers—we particularly recommend the desktop photo frame with an in-built speaker—and headphones, smart pens and notebooks, and exclusive tech gift sets, all designed to enhance one’s daily work day. 



As businesses continue adopting sustainable practices in their daily operations, Eco-friendly products will always be a good option for both gift-givers and recipients in the new year. Inspired by this move towards sustainability, we’re launching our Eco-Sustain range of corporate gifts. By using sustainable raw materials like bamboo, wheat straw, cork and so on, we have redesigned many of our products, including all the favourites like the drinkware collection and desk accessories, for a greener result. Further, we’re introducing exciting additions like our Eco-tech stations, smart folios and more to the lineup, proving sustainability can be both responsible and cutting-edge!  



The corporate world demands you look and dress the part, as you are often seen as an extension of the business brand itself. This coming year, we address this need with a collection of beautifully crafted corporate lifestyle sets. These include leather briefcases, laptop cases, weekender bags and corporate travel gear—the First Flight corporate travel gear is one of our favourites. Additionally, we know the importance of a golf course in the business world, which is why the 2024 catalogue also features an indoor golf kit and golfing accessories, setting your business up to tee off! 



The corporate world is made of people, each with their own unique culture and traditions. Respectfully acknowledging these cultural identities can have a positive, uplifting impact. With this in mind, our 2024 catalogue offers various products that add to the festivities. Our range includes smart Tasbeeh rings, prayer beads, prayer mats, festive lamps, celebratory treats, flag pins, curated gift sets, and more, all designed to help your business be a respectful part of the celebrations.



A business’s most valuable asset is its human capital, and ensuring the workforce is in prime health benefits all. A responsible business goes the extra mile to ensure good working conditions, and one way to reinforce this commitment is through corporate and promotional gifts. Our 2024 catalogue features a selection of items designed to promote the physical and mental health of the recipient. This lineup includes smart bottles and drinkware to keep people hydrated, e-lunch boxes, nutritious hampers, fitness-related gear, and many more. Additionally, a number of our products are made from natural, sustainable materials, reducing the recipient’s exposure to unsafe materials.


All our products can be customised to suit your business’s specific needs. For more information, reach out to our team of gifting experts and get started on an incredibly bright new year with our 2024 product catalogue!

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