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Can custom corporate apparel boost productivity?

Can custom corporate apparel boost productivity

Happy employees are the backbone of successful businesses. One without the other is nearly impossible. Studies show that disengaged, unmotivated workers alone cost the global economy an estimated $7.8 trillion. Which leads us to ask, what’s a quick-fire yet effective way for a business to hit this productive stage of operations?

The simple, short-term answer is by investing in high-quality corporate giveaways, like custom corporate apparel, to keep employees in the game. Read on to learn more.

A team that looks sharp together, works well together

Think of your team, all dressed up in elegant and custom-branded company apparel. It’s a picture of a unified force working towards a common goal. Like this image, your team too will feel like a part of something bigger when kitted in company apparel. This unique sense of oneness and pride has a strong impact on the workforce. In a survey by the Harvard Business Review, 71% of those interviewed ranked such engagement as crucial to final business output.

It’s important to note, however, that this special spirit can’t be artificially manufactured, but with custom corporate apparel, it definitely can be tailored to fit your needs.

Inculcate a professional brand image

Well-designed custom apparel lends the workforce a polished and professional look. For clients, when faced with staff dressed in such a fashion, it inspires feelings of immediate trust and confidence.

This in turn ensures that client-staff interactions are a positive and respectful experience and goes a long way in creating an enjoyable and stress-free working environment for your employees. It boosts morale and inspires feelings of achievement for the work undertaken. They now strive to put in a better performance, a reflection of which is clearly visible in the final output.

Establish an inclusive identity

Custom corporate apparel brings visual uniformity to the business. When everyone from the top boss to the intern is dressed similarly, it lends a specific kind of inclusivity and a solid sense of identity to proceedings. It allows employees to feel like they have an equal stake in the successes coming the company’s way and fills them with confidence as they get to work.

Apparel that inspires loyalty

In its own small way, custom corporate apparel has a way of inspiring a great sense of pride and loyalty towards the business in your workforce. The designed logo and company colours when worn around the office or at corporate events serve as a constant reminder of one’s responsibilities towards the company. It also fosters a deep sense of ‘We’ over ‘I’ as the team works and mingles together. This togetherness and sense of well-being obviously have a direct and positive impact on employee performance, which benefits everyone.

An element of fun

Unlike the daily formal corporate dress code, custom apparel gives a business some scope to have fun and indulge in the company’s creative side. With bright or quirky shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, holiday sweaters, tote bags and even socks and aprons, your staff can indulge in colour, print, and a degree of informality. It brings in a sense of fun to work, which tends to bring out the best in people! Just look at the numbers The Gallup organization has put up—businesses that focus on employee engagement tend to see 17% higher productivity than competitors who don’t. That’s a great return on investment, wouldn’t you agree?

When it comes to hassle-free procurement of high-quality corporate apparel, it’s best to partner with a professional gifting company. At Genesis Gifts, a leading corporate gift supplier in the UAE, we are happy to kit your outfit with a tailor-made experience. With your company’s dedication and our designs, your employees are bound to be thrilled with the new look coming their way!

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