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The Complete 2023 Corporate Gifting Guide

The Complete 2023 Corporate Gifting Guide

Each new year comes with its own wave of fresh trends that businesses need to factor in while formulating their annual gifting strategy. So what has 2023 brought along with it and how will it impact the gifts you give and receive?


Considering the world’s changing climate and limited resources, businesses are increasingly making more mindful gifting choices. Not only are these choices good for the environment, but they also come with a feel-good factor for the recipient, and they speak to the values of your brand. From sustainable drinkware to cruelty-free self-care products, there are many green options to choose from. Another great initiative is to make a donation to a worthy cause on behalf of your employees and clients, thereby spreading the love.


Wellness continues to be a big area of focus as we embark on 2023. People are prioritising their health, building up their immunity, and embracing a healthier way of living in general. In this environment, health and wellness-themed gifts prove relevant and are usually well received. Gifts like self-care hampers, essential oils and candles, subscriptions to fitness apps or gyms, and so on, tell people you care about their well-being. And this acknowledgement goes a long way in boosting their health, the working environment and overall productivity.


As the workforce becomes increasingly tech-savvy, tech gifts keep rising to prominence and emotional value. And as a reflection of this rise in demand, the gifting market is ripe with options across price points. From smartwatches and Bluetooth speakers to battery packs and wireless headphones, the list is as long and as diverse and as well-priced as your budget will allow. 


Tangible gifts are always welcome but if you want to kick it up a notch, consider gifting an experience instead. Experiences give people the opportunity to get away from the office setup, experience something exciting, more so if it’s a new experience, and recharge. This can be anything from a spa getaway, a pottery class, or one of those coveted concert tickets. Rest assured this gift will be the talk of the office, will be showcased across social media, and will boost engagement instantaneously. This really is a gift that keeps giving! 


Let’s be honest, there’s a kid living inside all of us, no matter what our physical age, and what better way to indulge that kid than opening a gift box that reveals more gifts inside! Give your workforce and clients something to smile about with specially curated hampers that are full of personalised gifts and exciting goodies. 


Now, no matter the year, if there’s one gift category that constantly features on these lists, it is office essentials.  Considering the amount of time an adult spends working, at the office or remotely, one can never have enough office supplies. Add to that if these are high-quality customised office supplies, that’s just the cherry on the cake! There’s a great variety available here too—you can go old school with leather (or faux leather) diaries and cardholders or go new age with digital organisers and smart notebooks. Or better yet, mix it up with a best of both worlds set! 

Now that you’re all caught up on the 2023 trends, Genesis Gifts is here for you and raring to go; let’s work together to chalk up an incredible gifting plan—impactful and memorable—for your dynamic business!


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