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Customised Corporate Gifts – Your Key to Gifting Success

Customised Corporate Gifts - Your Key to Gifting Success

Business relationships may be forged in the boardroom but they are nurtured through action, particularly in the service offered and the trust established. An essential component of this complex process is the idea of corporate gifting. 

In a poll conducted by Big Frog Infographic, over 60% of businesses surveyed credited their corporate gifting strategy for the strong client relationships they enjoyed, and about 27% stated these gifts directly resulted in referrals and new business growth. 

But these gifts need to be carefully curated to amplify your brand image, otherwise, the exercise will be for nought. How does one go about this? One effective method is to customise said corporate gifts.  


Your logo is a visual stand-in for your brand, its values and its vision. A logo inspires instant recall and builds a sense of familiarity between the target audience and the brand. In fact, studies show an estimated 75% of people recognise a brand by its logo more than any other distinguishing feature. Therefore, when you engrave or print or paint your logo onto exclusive corporate gifts, it leads the recipient to form an immediate association between the item and your brand. This in turn creates a positive emotional response towards the gift and your business by extension.  


Conventional avenues of marketing and advertising—be it print, billboards, or even radio—can cause a fair dent on corporate budgets. So businesses are constantly on the lookout for savvy, cost-effective ways to promote their brand. Customised promotional gifts can achieve just that. The human brain processes images quicker than other forms of data, so merch with your logo or corporate colours gives you greater visibility and greatly amplifies your message. 


Customer engagement is the name of the game. It’s what keeps the wheels turning. But in an age of data bombardment, any drop or inconsistencies in communication can lead a business to lose its established advantage. One way to counter this and ensure your brand always remains top-of-mind is through timely personalised gifts. It’s an effective way to trigger brand recall and thereby build unwavering brand loyalty. Customised gifts also give you unfettered reach at minimal spending. As your gifts travel into newer circles, they broadcast your message to a wider audience, casting the net far and wide. 


And let’s not forget the impact personalised gifts can have on your staff. Not only does the engraved message in company colours celebrate their performance, but it also showcases the company’s emotional investment and appreciation for the effort they’ve put in. This appreciation, as stated in a Harvard Business Review report, can have a powerful and positive impact on performance, productivity and employee engagement, and isn’t that what every business wants?   

It’s a competitive world out there. And in such a marketplace, it helps to have easy access to high-quality customised merchandise. This is where we come in. Genesis Gifts is a comprehensive one-stop gifting platform for all your corporate gifting needs. As the UAE’s leading gift suppliers, we help your business curate impactful gifting solutions for every situation. Give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!



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