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Eco Sustain: The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Corporate Gifting

Eco Sustain - The 2024 Guide to Sustainable Corporate Gifting

According to recent surveys, employees worldwide are actively seeking employment with businesses that advocate and are committed to a sustainable philosophy. This evolving trend is making an impact in the United Area Emirates as well. 

With growing environmental awareness, corporates must align their operations and their corporate gifting strategies with a comprehensive sustainable action plan. Keeping this in mind, Genesis Gifts is kicking off the new year with Eco Sustain, our new brand of sustainable products exclusively designed to address this very change. 


Drawing from decades of industry experience and our in-depth understanding of market dynamics, our latest gift collection showcases a redesigned product range that is dedicated to promoting a sustainable gifting strategy.


With this new catalogue, we are forgoing the use of toxic raw materials that end up in landfills for thousands of years, causing lasting harm. Instead, we are embracing natural, dynamic alternatives like bamboo, wheat straw, cork and more to craft our gift items. This not only reduces our overall carbon footprint but also safeguards the environment, all in one concerted effort.

These Eco Sustain materials are a cleaner, greener, and bio-degradable option. They are also incredibly versatile, with use that extends from the production of reusable tote bags to popular drinkware products and even to much-loved tech products. Additionally, with this range, we’re collaborating with suppliers and delivery partners to seamlessly integrate sustainability into every aspect of the Genesis Gifts supply chain, from initial product design to delivery.


According to a recent Reuters study, over 65% of the respondents expressed a preference for working with companies with strong environmental policies. With climate change and social justice issues at the forefront of modern workforce concerns, the move towards sustainable practices and sustainable corporate gifting, with the help of our EcoSustain range, is bound to enhance employee engagement. This alignment of values will not only prove productive for the company but will also have a direct and positive impact on the environment. We truly believe that at this stage, embracing sustainability is not just a clever strategic move, it is a step toward shaping a secure future. 


Assuming the mantle of social and environmental leadership showcases the brand and its values in a positive light across markets. As a result, by adopting sustainable corporate gifting, brands have the opportunity to build stronger relationships both within and beyond the organisation, especially within a like-minded client base. This strategic approach reflects the brand’s long-term vision and progressive mindset. 


Crafted with great attention to detail, scientifically-backed design understanding and traditional expertise, these items are not only engineered for lasting use but also serve as a medium for the enduring relationships they nurture.


Forget plastics and other unfriendly raw materials, with our EcoSustain range, you now have the option of choosing popular gifting items that are crafted using sustainable and durable raw materials. These are easy to use and reuse and are constructed with components that are easily biodegradable. Our personal favourites include the ‘No Fall Mug,’ a BPA-free mug made from recycled coffee grounds and stainless steel and our ‘WheatSip Eco Cup and Eco Lunchbox,’ both made from biodegradable wheat straw.   


Who says modern technology and sustainability can’t coexist? Our sustainable catalogue features a range of smart tech and gadgets that make for cutting-edge corporate gifts while also ensuring minimum negative impact on the environment. Check out our eco-friendly cork-based chargers,  solar-powered battery packs and portable Bluetooth speakers to start your sustainable tech gifting journey!


There’s nothing as productive as a clean, green and healthy working environment. This has been our motivation towards curating a range of appealing and sustainable stationery products. Among our favourites from this collection, these products truly raise the bar for integrating sustainability into everyday work life. Browse through our pens, desk organisers, notebooks and folders for more inspiration! 


In today’s fast-paced set-up, constantly being on the move has become the norm. Keeping this in mind, we’ve introduced products that will ensure these movements are a little bit greener. Ranging from laptop bags and travel kits to wireless car chargers, and portable drinkware, there’s a way to maximise sustainability on all fronts. 

In short, environmentally conscious gift items are crafted using natural and replenishable materials. These items boast a minimal carbon footprint while maximising usability, ensuring they are safe for the planet, while being exciting and cutting-edge as well. To choose this sustainable path for all your gifting solutions this coming year, get in touch with our team and figure out the best environmentally friendly solutions for your business.



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