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Wireless Chargers – A Corporate Gifting Game Changer

Wireless Chargers

Businesses are continually seeking ideal corporate gifting items that address immediate needs while also allowing seamless branding opportunities, and that too within the established budget range. One such versatile item that ticks all the boxes is the ever-popular wireless charger. 

Wireless charging technology has revolutionised how the modern workforce operates. Gone are the old constraints of having to be stationary to recharge, managing a mess of tangled, bulky wires, or the frantic search for viable power outlets; modern wireless charging devices have paved the way for convenient, portable charging that can be undertaken anywhere and at any time without disrupting the workflow.

This is why Genesis Gifts highly recommends incorporating wireless charging devices into any corporate gifting strategy.


As connectivity emerges as the top priority for the workforce, the significance of wireless charging devices becomes paramount. They are essential for maintaining uninterrupted productivity and provide a high level of flexibility to users, making them the ideal gift for daily corporate functioning. Below, we delve further into the advantages of these remarkable devices.  


Wireless charging devices can simultaneously charge multiple devices without the added hassle of multiple charging cables and the need for power outlets. This feature greatly improves work efficiency by preventing disruptions caused by drained batteries and the search for the right corresponding charging cables. It enables users to continue working without interruptions, maintaining complete focus. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for additional paraphernalia, these wireless devices allow for a clutter-free and organised workspace, which in turn boosts productivity and ensures a positive working environment. 


The key to a successful corporate gifting policy involves presenting gifts that not only impress the recipients with their uniqueness and practicality but also effectively promote your brand in the process. Customised wireless charging devices are a great vehicle for this kind of marketing initiative. By incorporating the corporate logo and brand messaging onto the device, businesses can forge an effective branding tool that generates lasting recall and ensures the business effortlessly stands out in a competitive marketplace. 


As corporations embrace a sustainable philosophy in both daily operations and corporate gifting, wireless charging devices offer an effective eco-friendly solution when considering tech-related promotional gifts. To begin with, the transition to wireless charging renders the multiple charging cables and adaptors redundant, resulting in a sharp decrease in the e-waste generated. Further, a single charger can power multiple electronic devices over an extended period, resulting in fewer resources being exhausted and allowing businesses to improve their carbon footprint greatly. Moreover, by incorporating sustainable materials like cork, wheat straw and bamboo, as our range of charging devices does, your brand ensures sustainability is always at the forefront of its corporate gifting game.    


The reason tech gifts are so highly valued is that they bring with them a great amount of convenience and it’s constantly evolving, incorporating new and exciting features with every upgrade. This is true for the Genesis Gifts’ range of wireless charging devices too. These charging solutions double up as Bluetooth speakers, digital clocks, mousepads, desktop organisers, and more. This adds a layer of value to an already high-utility item, making it an unforgettable corporate gift item. 


Wireless charging devices stand out as high-utility, practical items that are in constant use. This is why they make excellent promotional gifts. Their compact size and sleek appearance make them attractive standalone gifts—not only do they fulfil a crucial need, but they also boldly showcase the firm’s branding. These devices are also popular additions to corporate gift hampers—they can be easily mixed and matched with other gadgets and utility items—and employee welcome kits. They also make for impactful promotional give-aways, that have the power to carry the brand message to a broad audience. 

To learn more about our range of wireless charging devices, reach out to our team of experts today and get a jump start on customising these incredibly valuable items to mirror your business values in a unique and impactful manner.



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