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Gifting in times of Crisis

Gifting in times of Crisis

During periods of crisis, be it natural disasters, global conflicts, economic recession, or something as unprecedented as a global pandemic, businesses shoulder the additional responsibility of extending care and support to their staff and stakeholders while also maintaining focus on the successful functioning of the business. 

Corporate gifting can play a significant role in such a scenario. Through thoughtful and strategic execution, gifting can be a corporate’s avenue to uplift overall morale and inject hope and stability into proceedings.


During a crisis, businesses need to assess the situation and make necessary adjustments to their gifting strategy. This may involve refining communication— clearly expressing the purpose of the gift and offering support for those who need it—or holding back previously selected gifts in favour of a more suitable one for the situation at hand. In short, the objective is to comfort and uplift through the gifts. 


Nothing provides comfort in a crisis like having strong leadership at the helm. This is the mantle the business needs to take up by assuming a strong stance and showcasing its commitment to community welfare. One way of taking charge is by channelling the anxieties is by contributing towards worthy causes, charities, and relief work in the form of donations on behalf of the company and its members. This allows the workforce to feel grounded and like they too are contributing during a difficult time.


The first corporate casualty during a crisis is employee morale. This in turn negatively impacts company performance as well. Timely and thoughtful corporate gifts can help turn this scenario around. Gifts are also known to boost mood and reduce stress, making it the perfect antidote in times of uncertainty. These little gestures can foster a sense of calm within the workforce, enabling them to navigate the said crisis with more control. Furthermore, the joy derived from receiving quality corporate gifts provides a much-needed break from the anxiety of a crisis, allowing the team to cope better and aiding their mental health.


It’s always a good idea to incorporate some personalisation to corporate gifts during a crisis. Customised gifts and thoughtful messages expressing support and gratitude for the team’s hard work prove to be remarkably effective in providing comfort and boosting morale. These personalised touches further foster a sense of community and allow individuals to draw strength from one another during challenging times.  


Flexibility is a valuable tool to have in one’s arsenal during periods of tension. The ability to offer options and be accommodating towards the needs of the workforce significantly strengthens employee-employer relations during such times. This gesture communicates the company’s concern for the well-being of their employees and motivates the staff to continue giving their best. For instance, receiving specially curated gift hampers at home during the pandemic lockdowns served as the boost people needed during a time of isolation. Similarly, digital gifts that can be availed to at the user’s convenience also prove beneficial during such times, further enhancing the culture and unity within the company.

These are just some of the unique corporate gifting strategies we assist our clients with through times of calm and chaos. Leveraging our in-depth industry experience and our creativity, we ensure your business always comes up on top. Reach out to our team to discover how we can shape your corporate gifting strategy today.



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