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Corporate Gifting Trends in the Post-Pandemic Era

Corporate Gifting Trends in the Post-Pandemic Era

The 2020 global pandemic drastically changed how the world functions and how business is conducted. It left a lasting impact on work culture, economic policies, and engagement strategies. Amidst this upheaval, the practice of corporate gifting underwent an evolution too.

Corporate gifting took on a deeper meaning as an effective method of fostering connections, nurturing wellness and celebrating resilience, both within the workforce and with business partners during a time of lockdowns, limitations and physical distance. 

Despite, or perhaps because of these challenges, the gifting industry witnessed a surge in creativity, innovation and personalisation. This in turn gave rise to a new gifting narrative—one focused on creating more memorable and meaningful experiences for both the giver and receiver.


As we embark on a new year, let’s explore these evolving trends that now shape the corporate gifting industry across the region. 


The pandemic has heightened awareness about adopting healthy practices and incorporating both physical and emotional wellness into one’s routine. Consequently, there has been a notable interest in wellness-related gifting products. From food-related gift hampers, packed with natural, nutrient-rich goodies to relaxing spa treatments and energising home solutions like aromatherapy candles and oils, as well as other fitness-focused products, these items remain a popular choice within corporate gifting circles.


Along with a growing understanding of wellness, there is also increasing awareness about climate change and the need to safeguard the environment. This shift has prompted the move towards embracing sustainable choices, a trend that’s made a notable impact on the corporate and promotional gifting circles as well. 

These items tend to be crafted from sustainable and zero-waste materials, ensuring they are toxin-free and leave a minimal carbon footprint. Further adopting sustainable packaging techniques adds another layer to this environmentally conscious approach. Keeping this emerging trend in mind, Genesis Gifts has launched a dedicated EcoSustain catalogue, offering a large selection of items, from drinkware to high-tech products, all prioritising sustainability. 


After the immense uncertainty and isolation of the pandemic, there’s been a growing need for more personal connections. In corporate gifting circles, this has manifested in customisation and personalisation of gifts. Tailored gifts that reflect the recipient’s preferences tend to be well-received and also showcase the giver’s thoughtfulness. When you further add a customised message and other focused details, like using preferred brand colours, this can prove to be a game-changer for a successful, post-pandemic gifting strategy. 


As life returns to normal, people are eager to embrace the varied and exciting experiences life has to offer. For businesses, this trend has led to the popularity of experiential gifts over conventional tangible gifts. From exclusive experiences like paragliding or sky-diving adventures to relaxing pampering treatments, experiences hold more value in this day and age. These experiential gifts also tend to make more of an impact and are more likely to keep the brand top-of-mind for the recipient. 


The pandemic forced us to move crucial aspects of our lives online, from work and school to shopping. A move that has transitioned into modern living even as normalcy returns. Moreover, technology has made incredible strides during this time, becoming an entrenched part of our lives. This has resulted in the increased popularity of smart products, from smart drinkware to smart notebooks, as well as digital gifts like online courses and workshops, vouchers, and subscriptions. These options offer great accessibility and flexibility, both of which are priorities in the post-pandemic world. 

At Genesis Gifts, we’ve successfully navigated shifting trends for the last thirty years. Our teams specialise in adapting and innovating to the times, offering your business the best selection of promotional gifts and, as a result, an unmatched advantage in the industry. Contact us now to know more.



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