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Your 2023 Guide To Sustainable Corporate Gifting

Sustainable Corporate Gifting

Over the last decade, there has been a significant global shift towards making sustainable choices in all aspects of human life. This is a change that has presented itself within the corporate structure too, particularly in the emergence of sustainable corporate gifting as a practised priority. 


Sustainable gifting is the policy of presenting environmentally-friendly products to one’s stakeholders. It is a time-honoured way of cementing lasting business connections, but this time with the added incentive of safeguarding the planet as well. This marks a major shift in the perceived value of these sustainable products, highlighting their growing importance in today’s business landscape. 


A recent global gifting report found that 42% of those surveyed truly valued receiving sustainable gifts and championed green practices, meaning environmental concerns now impact brand image in bigger ways than they ever have before. This is why it’s important for companies to re-evaluate their business and gifting strategies. But, let’s break down the implications of embracing a sustainable gifting strategy to understand its real-world impact.


By shedding the heavy environmental costs of conventional corporate gifting practices–with components like unsustainable raw materials, excessive packaging waste, landfill contributions, inefficient shipping processes, and more–businesses can establish an ethical brand image that stands tall in a competitive market. Further, adopting ethical practices allows businesses to empower local communities and improve overall living conditions by having a positive social, economic, and environmental impact on their community. This conscientious approach, associated with the values of preserving, conserving and safeguarding the future and a true act of market leadership, will further  solidify your brand’s image for years to come.


The shift to adopting green gifting policies requires time, money, dedication and vision. However, this transition also demonstrates your commitment towards the environment, and thereby your brand’s vision for the future. This works as a powerful draw for like-minded partnerships, both within and outside your organisation, attracting the best talents and building the best relationships in a very competitive landscape. 


Sustainable corporate gifts are designed for longevity, making them an efficient long-term marketing tool. Your customised gifts stand tall and enjoy high visibility in all the right rooms and events over extended periods of time. They seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of recipients, ensuring high-recall value, while the quality materials used create a positive product impression and thereby foster loyalty. There is no better endorsement for your brand. 


At Genesis Gifts, we have embraced these green values and have incorporated sustainable practices into each of our working processes, from pairing up with ethical partners to using energy-efficient machinery during production to optimising our delivery process. We’ve also entrusted our design team with upgrading existing lines to ensure the final product and packaging are biodegradable and easy to recycle. Our goal here is to support your brand’s ethical vision with a wide variety of products that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

From our ever-popular customisable tumblers to chic smart devices (have you checked out our smart bottles, yet?) to a variety of useful and practical products and gift sets designed using sustainable materials like bamboo, cork bark and wheat straw, we have a range of modern, beautifully designed, sustainable options to choose from.

Explore our range today and reach out to us for customisation details here.

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