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The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifts this Summer

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gifts this Summer

The scorching summer months, a time when things traditionally slow down, are also the perfect time to rev up your corporate gifting game. It’s an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by impressing clients, partners and employees alike with thoughtful corporate gifts that create an impact and land an impression. 

Gift-giving is an integral part of corporate life. It shows appreciation, showcases your brand story, and solidifies your brand image. And as the post-Ramadan, pre-New Year’s lull sets in, a sound summer corporate gifting strategy will allow your brand continued and pronounced visibility with clients and create a sense of excitement and boost motivation among employees. 

But what are the kind of gifts that’ll help you capitalise on this get-ahead, stay-ahead summer strategy? Our team at Genesis Gifts has put together a comprehensive list that will help your brand make waves within corporate circles.

As the mercury rises, there’s but one mantra to be shared: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This is essential for overall well-being as it prevents serious health conditions like heat exhaustion and heat strokes. For this reason alone, we highly recommend custom drinkware as the ideal corporate giveaway during the summer months. 

At Genesis Gifts, we offer a range of bottles in various shapes, sizes, materials and colours. From a variety of popular sports bottles, insulated and glass bottles, bottles with in-built infusers as well as smart bottles, insulated tumblers and cups that ensure your beverages remain cool and refreshing around the clock. Additionally, if you want to up your game, may we point you towards our much-loved and incredibly handy portable juicer? It’s the perfect antidote to rising temperatures!

Peak summer temperatures can cause a lot of discomforts. From the medical kinds to socially awkward ones. This is where our range of practical and effective summer essentials comes in. These products, which come in several variations, can ensure comfort in the workspace and thereby maintain productivity during otherwise challenging months. Our preferred gifts include customised caps, comfortable dry-fit garments, ever-fresh cooling towels and magical cooler bags to ferry around those refreshments.

Modern summers call for modern solutions, right? With our range of smart gadgets, we definitely think so. With smart features like built-in alerts and reminders, temperature controls, long-lasting batteries and Bluetooth connectivity that syncs with compatible apps, these are the perfect solutions for Gen Z. After all, who wouldn’t love to receive portable neck coolers, smart bottles and smart sunglasses that keep you looking chic and summer-fresh all day long.

When the sun beats on, staying in is the best choice. And indoor games are a great way to enjoy a fun and relaxing time, both in the workplace surrounded by the team, and as gifts for employees and their families, particularly young kids. Be it an indoor golf set or board games that foster competition and team spirit in addition to generating a barrel of laughs, or bright and vibrant art supplies that’ll have the kids smiling just as brightly, we have them all.

Summer is also a time for travel. A time to get away from the heat and explore the world at large. For those who’ve been bitten by wanderlust, we suggest our range of customised travel accessories. Not only will these practical gifts enhance the overall travel experience, but they will also transport your brand story far and wide. From passport covers and smart bottles to travel wallets, wireless chargers and backpacks, we have a wide selection to choose from. 

To sum up, these coming months are the ideal time to showcase your appreciation for clients and employees while promoting your brand with fun, practical and incredibly handy summer gifts. And as one of the leading corporate gifts suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Genesis Gifts is here to partner up with you and design a gifting plan that will brighten everyone’s summer!



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