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Mastering the Art of Corporate Gift Selection

Mastering the Art of Corporate Gift Selection

Companies utilise corporate gifts to build relationships with clients and to forge strong bonds with employees, making them crucial tools for engagement and productivity in the modern workspace. But there’s a fine line between successful, result-oriented gifting and unmemorable generic gestures. To navigate this distinction, businesses need to formulate an effective corporate gifting strategy.


Drawing on insights acquired over three action-packed decades of industry experience, our talented team at Genesis Gifts has identified five significant factors that strongly influence the success of a company’s corporate gifting strategy. Let’s take a closer look at each of these:


In modern business, corporate gifting and promotional gift items serve as essential tools for building and strengthening work relationships. And the best way to optimise this tool is to establish a formal gifting budget at the start of your fiscal year. Not only will this help your team structure the gifting year effectively, but it also allows you greater control as well as the ability to pursue unique and exciting opportunities. It limits the chaos and allows the teams to operate in a more precise manner.


When it comes to corporate gifting, a key learning from years of industry involvement is a commitment to quality without compromise. No matter what the price range of your chosen item, from simple mugs to coveted tech products, it’s essential to ensure they are of the best quality available. Poor quality and craftsmanship not only result in a waste of resources but also have a negative impact on the trust and regard built between the parties involved. On the other hand products of high quality are seen as a reflection of the company’s commitment to both the recipient and to overall excellence, leaving a lasting and impactful impression for the recipient. 


Corporate gifts are a channel of communication between your brand and the recipient. It’s a conversation about trust, values and long-term partnership. Therefore, it’s understood that if your gifts and your brand story and values don’t align, the message will be lost in translation, which in turn will reflect poorly on your brand. For example, if sustainability is one of your cornerstone values, your gift should seamlessly reflect this commitment. Take the time to revisit and highlight the values you aspire to champion, ensuring that all gifts purchased uphold (and never contradict) these principles. 


The objective of your corporate gift is to spark a positive, emotional reaction in your recipient; the best way of achieving this is by tailoring the gift to reflect their interest and the nature of your partnership. It’s a simple yet effective strategy that strengthens the relationship, cultivating a greater sense of loyalty. It’s also important to keep track of previous gifts. Ensure variety to maintain engagement. Also consider the special context of the occasions, like landmark work milestones and anniversaries. There’s no better way to say, ‘you are valued’ than through a wonderfully presented,  precisely timed gift!


With the increasing numbers of employees and clients opting for remote or hybrid working patterns, the logistics involved in corporate gift distribution have become significantly more complex. The scenario of gifts delivered to one set of employees while others remain waiting, or having a client in one location while their gift is sent to another is unacceptable. Therefore it is essential for your team and your gifting partners to tackle these issues proactively. Only when the logistics are seamlessly executed will your corporate gifting strategy bear fruit. 

This is the promise Genesis Gifts offers. Our extensive catalogue features a range of top-quality products across price points. We’re happy to customise your chosen item to specification and to craft and deliver these items in complete alignment with your firm’s values. It’s as easy as that!

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