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The Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifting Best Practices

Corporate gifts are valuable items that represent a company’s appreciation and gratitude towards both its clients and employees. When done right, corporate gifts have the potential to cultivate long-lasting relationships, establish trust and nurture loyalty. However, if these gifts fail to create any meaningful impact, this entire endeavour becomes a futile exercise. 

In order to avoid such a scenario, it is essential to master corporate gifting etiquette. Having a clear understanding of proper practices, and potential pitfalls and having the ability to implement these learnings is key to a winning corporate gifting strategy. Drawing on years of experience and an excellent track record, we at Genesis Gifts are uniquely placed to steer your business onto this coveted path with this effective game plan: 

  1. Do Research Company Gifting Policies 

When customising gifts, especially for clients and other business partners, it is essential to thoroughly research their gifting policies. Most corporations have established legal frameworks regarding the kind of gifts that can be accepted as a safeguard against unethical practices. Further, when crafting your annual gifting strategy, it’s best to revisit your policies as well. This ensures that your gifts are both welcomed and valued, thereby boosting your brand image in the industry.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard with Promotional Branding 

Gifts are best received when they are tailored to suit the recipient’s preferences. Therefore, bombarding them with excessive company branding–such as large logos, catchphrases, and brand messaging–can cast an insincere impression. Now, where once these gifts might have enhanced brand reputation, they may only evoke indifference. Instead, consider adopting subtle and well-thought-out displays of professional acknowledgement; in the gifting game, when it comes to branding, an understated approach definitely delivers a more impactful result.

  1. Do Invest in Customised Corporate Gifts

Generic gifts can be a hit or miss, as likely to be loved as they are to be forgotten. However, gifts that are tailored to the unique preferences of your clients and employees will showcase your understanding and appreciation of them, exemplifying the effort you’ve invested in the process. This customisation could be anything from a beautifully written note to a celebration of shared values, and regardless of the scale involved, such actions hold great significance as they instantly create a special connection between your brand and your recipients. 

  1. Don’t Compromise on Quality

Gifts are a reflection of your consideration for the recipient, representing the esteem you hold for them. Hence, the quality of corporate gifting items holds the utmost importance. While gifts need not be exclusive or expensive, they must be of good quality. You don’t need to break the bank and fight budgetary constraints, but rather focus on efficient quality control measures that elevate these customised corporate gifts into treasured possessions. This simple yet focused approach ensures these corporate gifts are always in alignment with the quality and prestige of your own corporate image.

  1. Do Consider Cultural Sensibilities 

In an increasingly globalised marketplace, it is important to maintain awareness regarding local cultural sensibilities and preferences while crafting an effective corporate gifting strategy. This practice showcases your respect for both the operating culture as well your clients and employees. Researching local holidays and the acceptable gifting solutions that match them is of great importance, particularly during religious celebrations. This principle extends to individual gifts as well. Taking into consideration a recipient’s vegan lifestyle or adherence to specific cultural practices can help your team choose a more meaningful and respectful gift, elevating the entire gifting experience.

  1. Don’t Disregard the Presentation

Gifts are about emotional gratification, and this journey begins with the first visual connection the recipient makes with the gift. A beautifully presented gift enhances the gifting experience; it elicits excitement and is likely to remain ingrained in the recipient’s memory. This underscores why the presentation of corporate gifts is an important step in the corporate gifting process. Additionally, a warm, thoughtful personalised note will always go a long way in creating a positive impression while delivering the right message. After all, it’s the little touches that make the biggest difference! 



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