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The Art of Innovative Corporate Gifting

The Art of Innovative Corporate Gifting

One of the key factors for a thriving business in the modern economic landscape is building strong and loyal relationships with employees, business partners and clients. Not only does this create a positive working environment, but it also improves productivity, helps create new and lasting business opportunities, and ultimately boosts the bottom line. 

An effective approach to achieving this is by designing a thoughtful and innovative corporate gifting strategy that demonstrates both the firm’s gratitude for the recipients as well as the brand’s core values. But maximising the impact of corporate and promotional gifting is an artwork in itself. It involves meticulous, well-researched, creative gift selection and presentation, something that Genesis Gifts is best known for! 


In our 30 years of experience in the corporate gifting landscape across the UAE, we’ve curated impressive gift sets across a wide range of parameters, including budgets, timelines, number of units, and more. In every scenario, we’ve learned that thinking outside the box is essential to ensure that our gifts deliver maximum value to your business. 

Here are a few insider tips to help you gain better insight into our process: 


While every business invests significant effort in selecting the perfect gifts, we always recommend going the extra mile and opting for meaningful (and unexpected) customisation to ensure the gifts are truly memorable. For instance, popular drinkware items like coffee mugs can be elevated with the addition of in-house catchphrases and jokes or quirky photos from the last team event printed on them. This adds a cherished personal touch to the gift, and reinforces the thoughtfulness behind it, further strengthening the camaraderie within the company.


Level up your corporate gifting game by including experiential gifts to your promotional gifting roster. At Genesis Gifts, we bring the expertise and creativity needed to match your recipient’s interests with the perfect experiential ideas. For instance, picture a relaxing spa treatment with customised swag, or tickets to a sought-after concert seamlessly incorporating your brand’s visual identity. These experiences not only offer a welcome break from daily routines, but also associate rejuvenation, and an infusion of motivation, directly with your brand identity, making it a win for all parties involved!


In the modern age, tech-forward gifts bring immense joy to both the recipient and the gift-giver. With technology evolving rapidly, there is always something new and exciting in the market, allowing businesses to elevate their corporate gifting game. Be it upgrading age-old favourites—like switching a regular coffee mug for a smart one—or swapping classics for digital alternatives—like the steadfast corporate diary for a smart folio, there’s always a cutting-edge option on offer. Embracing these technological innovations ensures your gifts are appealing and positions your brand as forward-thinking and ready to take on the future. 


A great approach to showcase appreciation and support towards your employees is by empowering them to further enhance their skills. An effective way to achieve this is by providing opportunities for additional training and certification. At a time when a multitude of online courses are readily accessible, gifting online or after-work courses, not only encourages continuous skill development and a culture of constant learning, it also accelerates individual professional growth, the results of which are bound to be reflected positively in your bottom lines. 


Another great way to distinguish yourself from competitors is through the art of curating gift boxes. Opting for gifts that reflect your business values and resonate with the times we live in. Sustainable, technological, personalised gift items that cater to individual interests and their overall well-being go a long way in crafting the right impression and minimising wastage. Go one step further and elevate these incredible gift boxes with a thoughtful, handcrafted message, and witness your business thrive thanks to the meaningful connections it has fostered. 

If these ideas appeal to you, get in touch with our incredible gifting team and let’s get cracking on some innovative and crafty surprises for the upcoming year!



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