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Corporate Gifting – A showcase of gratitude and employee appreciation

It’s a well-known fact that a happy employee makes for a happy and profitable workplace. In a study on employee engagement, Gallup, a global analytics and advice firm, found that businesses with an engaged workforce registered approximately 21% higher profits than their counterparts.

But how do you successfully engage employees? One effective approach is by investing in thoughtful and high-quality corporate gifts. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a bag full of goodies?

A corporate gifting system

A well-crafted and thoughtful gifting system serves as a physical token of the company’s appreciation, an incentive for excellence, a celebration of personal and professional landmarks, and more. It’s a tangible indicator of your investment in employee regard and achievements. There is no greater show of confidence than this acknowledgement.

Appreciation for a job well done

Employees are a company’s biggest asset. Their skills, focus and dedication to the work play a significant role in determining industry success. So it goes without saying that when employees feel valued, they are willing to go the extra mile. A recent whitepaper found nearly 37% of those surveyed named official recognition as one of the biggest workplace motivators.

Additionally, the simple act of receiving personalised gifts helps create excitement and an air of positivity in the workplace. And as we know, there is no better workforce than a happy and satisfied one.

A thoughtful and exciting welcome

Attracting new talent is a challenge in itself, but welcoming them and helping them establish an immediate connection with their new workplace and a new group of colleagues is easy enough. With a hamper of carefully curated corporate gifts, employers can set a warm and friendly tone right off the bat—this is a company that values your presence. Company swag also organically introduces new recruits to the company’s ethos, further easing their transition from newbies to fully invested employees.

The gift of a happy and healthy workspace

The Global Employee Engagement Benchmark Study (2021) reported  that nearly 45% of the global workforce admitted to experiencing some form of work-related stress and anxiety. This, when left unaddressed, can create a very unhealthy working environment, which invariably has a direct and negative impact on business output.

Recognition, via monetary benefits or corporate gifts, on the other hand, create an air of anticipation and excitement. At the workplace, this energetic atmosphere helps ease day-to-day pressures that are part and parcel of the gig. Lower levels of stress automatically means a happier, more committed workforce.

The ease of connected remote working

In the post-pandemic world, flexible working continues to be a popular option, with at least 16% of the staff opting for it.

This raises concerns with many business owners regarding workforce loyalty and harnessing that team spirit that can take a corporation from good to great.

However, with personalised gifts, firms have the unique opportunity of being constantly and closely connected with their staff, no matter the number of miles or screens between them. All it takes is a quick sip of coffee from a personalised gift mug for an employee to realise they have a strong team backing them.

Fostering a sustainable culture

Corporate giveaways and customised gifts are a great way of encouraging sustainability in everyday living. It’s also a chance to gamify a change in culture without putting the burden of this transition on the employees. Eco-friendly corporate gifts such as reusable drinkware and organic bags are a great way to cut down waste, inspire employees (and clients) and foster a sense of achievement at having contributed to something far bigger.

However, it is important to select the right kind of present to convey your gratitude to your employees and to make sure these items don’t end up in a landfill somewhere. That’s why it’s a great idea to partner with Genesis Gifts, one of the UAE’s most creative and experienced gifting companies. We’ll help you capture and hold the interest of your employees one hamper at a time!

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