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Your Guide to Corporate Gifting in Dubai

Corporate Gifting in Dubai

Corporate gifts are an integral component of modern marketing. And as businesses begin to transition towards more mindful curated gifting strategies, this is also a rapidly growing industry. The online gifting market in the UAE alone is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16.7% over the next five years. Given these numbers, it’s vital for a business to craft an effective gifting policy in order to stand out in the crowded marketplace. And we’re here to help you navigate this space.


Be it custom mugs, coveted tech gadgets, or a donation to a worthy cause, research has shown that corporate gifts help foster stronger business relationships. But these gifts are not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, a welcome to the team gift hamper will look drastically different from one celebrating a 10-year partnership. To be effective promotional gifts need to be carefully matched to the receiver. This can be achieved by a well-crafted gifting strategy, one that ensures the right gift goes to the right people at the right time.


Gift exchanges are a great way to establish connections and build trust between parties. And while holiday gifting is an expected standard in the industry, shake things up by surprising clients and employees throughout the year: 

Mark Individual Milestones: In addition to seasonal holiday hampers marking tradition, be sure to recognise individual employee milestones like birthdays, promotions, personal landmarks, etc. with customised gifts. These options are unlimited, from personalised desk accessories, gourmet pastry hampers, and personalised tech-gear, to a sweet bouquet of flowers; each and every one of these will make for a very happy workforce.

A Toast to Partnerships: Surprise clients and employees by celebrating partnership milestones, from contract signings to work anniversaries. These customised gifts with personalised messaging serve as visible tokens of your appreciation towards them, which in turn goes a long way in building loyalty. 

Celebrate Recognition: When clients receive industry recognition, a personalised gift is an impactful way to show your clients you are invested in their success. This in turn ensures they are invested in your success. Talk about a win-win situation!


A Gift Now study found a growing trend towards mindful and custom-fit corporate gifting rather than generalised gifts across the board. This means zeroing in on unique promotional gifts. But how do you go about picking such a gift? Our suggestion is to start with a theme. 

Wellness: Given the recent pandemic and the focus on wellness, you cannot go wrong with gifts such as aroma oil and diffuser sets, yoga gear, and healthy teas. Wellness gifts mean you care, and choosing quality products will make sure the gifts are valued, which in turn will leave quite a positive impression. 

Green Living: For any business, a move towards adopting a more sustainable approach is always appreciated. Now your gifting choices can showcase this shift too. With a range of eco-friendly options like long-lasting drinkware, free trade consumer goods, to the more creative garden window kits, the sustainable gifting world is one worth exploring.  

An Experience to Remember: Experiential gifts are known to create a way more intense bond between the gift giver and recipient over conventional gifting options. For example, employees gifted with a yoga retreat or a sky-diving session are bound to find it enormously rewarding. It’s something that will be talked about and shared on social media, indirectly spreading your brand values and boosting your brand image.


Corporate gifts are more than just giveaways. They are a way to build client relationships, a physical token of appreciation for your employees, and an advertising and marketing tool. Where generalised gifts, think keychains and magnets, tend to be stashed away in drawers to be forgotten, customised gifts (like the incredibly practical power banks or the incredibly useful wellness hampers) will be greatly appreciated.  

By personalising these gifts, you are subtly indicating the time and attention you have put into this exchange. It shows you hold the recipients in high esteem, which in turn fosters loyalty. Additionally, as these gifts travel from your workspace to the world beyond, they also work as an avenue for advertising your brand to a large and unexplored audience.

Are you excited about creating a unique and memorable gifting program? If yes, check out the range of options we offer at Genesis Gifts. As the leading corporate gift supplier in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE, we curate the best high-quality gifting solutions to suit all your needs.

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